Monday, March 17, 2008

Michael and His Big One

Michael shot a big 22 pound turkey. It had a 10 inch long gobbler. Michael shot it in the Netoiation Feild. Michael was very happy. Congrats Michael. Spencer and Daddy went to the camp, but didn't go hunting because Spencer got sick. He is ok now!!!! I know what my Dad will say when I talk to him. He will say" Michael might of got one this time, but I am getting me a huge one next week!!!! It will weigh 32 pounds and it goggler will be 15 inches long." I'll say " In your dreams Daddy!!!!!!!!"


Editor said...

very funny JR.

The Hunter's Wife said...

Will it be as big as Thunderhoof?

KeesKennis said...

This blog is way cool and I will give you a link.
I will echo what you said "In your dreams Rex"
BTW shouldn't "going to Water Valley Elementary School" be a tiny little bit more than a "hobbie"?

Old Scratch said...

You Go Girl !!!